Craniosacral therapy is an alternative therapy which uses a light touch to encourage the body to self-healing.

It is based on a number of elements that osteopaths (Sutherland 1930 – Upledger 1970) discovered about the subtle physiology of the body.
Craniosacral therapy addresses the movement of fluid around the skull and the spine (sacrum) which influences the balance of the entire body.
Listening to the subtle pulses is used to localise the unbalances and blocked areas. The information will be send back to the body which enables the patient to release blockages and a more relaxed feeling arises. Craniosacral therapy is used to treat a number of health issues and it is known as a tool for emotional persons, headache, migraine, but also birth traumas. More specific, it is efficient to increase vitality and well-being. Its softness makes it safe and appropriate for people of all ages, babies, kids, during pregnancy and injuries, accidents, post-operational treatment.

It can be combined with other therapies like :

Fascia therapy, a manual therapy that addresses the self-healing powers of the organism.
During the silent dialogues of touch, the client experiences a reunion with the body. The absent, suffering, unnoticed body becomes a moving and emotional body.

Duration and frequency of the treatment

The duration of a treatment can vary, usually between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. The frequency should not be too often because your body needs time to react on the treatment. This will be determined in consultation with your therapist.

Our therapist works as follows:

Package of 3 sessions with intervals of approximately 1 week. The first session is a getting acquainted combined with a caretaking session and the duration is approximately 2 hours. The two following sessions last about 1h15 to 1h30..

In fact, 3 sessions are necessary to re-establish an energy balance in the body.

Following the 3 sessions, an evaluation with your therapist can take place to establish possible need for additional sessions (Personal Development but also on the physical, spiritual and energetic level). Duration: +- 1h00- to 1h15.

Craniosacral therapy can be used for several indications, like:

Headache and migraine, stress and sleeplessness, problems with neck and back, instability of the pelvis, malfunctioning of the mandibular joint and facial aches, digestion issues and abdominal cramps from stress, breathing problems and asthma, cry-babies and birth traumas, recurring infections of the nose, sinuses and ears, hyperactive children, motor-skill problems and problems with coordination, learning disabilities and behaviour disorders, chronic fatigue, apathy and depression, emotional and post-traumatic problems, fibromyalgia and spasmophilia …


  • For the package with 3 sessions: the first session is 80 €, VAT included, the second and third is 65 €, VAT included. After this first session you decide if you want to continue with the next two sessions.
  • The session Personal Development: 60 € per session, VAT included
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