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Qi Gong is a health practice which combines the “Qi”, usually translated as “breath, energy”, with the “Gong”, which means “oeuvre, work”.

Qi Gong is “the work of energy” and “the oeuvre of breaths”.

What makes up Qi Gong ?

Qi Gong exercises combine movement, breathing and concentration of the mind. Under the form of a dynamic chain of static positions, self-massages, it is usually practised upright wearing easy cloths.

What does Qi Gong do?

Qi Gong invites everyone to maintain and develop his health, to find flexibility and relaxation again. It is a useful preparation for all sportive, artistic and educational disciplines.

Practising Qi Gong regularly offers the opportunity to mobilize and feed the energy, which animates us and enables us to strengthen our vitality. In the long term, practising Qi Gong makes it possible to find inner peace, to harmonise the body, the breath and the mind, to connect yourself with your profound nature.

Who can practise Qi Gong ?

Every person who wants to start with a soft, balanced and relaxing physical exercise. The Qi Gong exercises are adapted for all ages and require no specific physical condition.