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Chi (Qi ) is the Chinese word for the universal cosmic energy. This energy flows through every living being. In our center we help people to recognize, promote and use this energy to cultivate a healthy and vital body. For this we use techniques from other qigong , Craniosacral Biodynamics, LaHoChi, Quantum Touch Energy…

Founded in 2007, the Chiness Centre aims to create a safe environment for each client or student and to help them through our care and training on their path of transformation to a higher level of health, awareness , personal growth, prosperity and joy.

The Centre offers transformative courses, taught by exceptional instructors. These teachers bring so much more to the courses because of their daily experience that results in such a thorough and authentic transmission that we rarely experienced elsewhere. The philosophies and proposed practices are easy to integrate into our lives.

Therapy on energetic care

Harmonising energies, healing and psycho-energetic magnetism, Massotherapy (harmonising, relaxing, energetic and aromatic massage), Reiki (laying on hands), Chakra therapy (realigning of energy points), Quantum Touch Energy, LaHoChi en Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy.

Working on vital energy enables us to balance the energy points, to assist the circulation of energy and to unravel the energy nods to relieve problems of the body and blockages of the mind, or psychological tensions of the past and present.

Tensions can have an influence on the organism because energies are connecting channels between body and mind.

Working with energies has an effect on our joy of life, emotional life, comprehension, charisma, ability to love, the art to give and receive, communication and faith in oneself.

It is an ideal approach for people looking for relaxation and well-being and for those with an aversion for massages. It stimulates the energy, relieves depression as well as moral and physical fatigue, in certain cases it can help with severe affections, reduces pregnancy ailments…

I suggest we start our journey together to get a different view on the things that cause problems for you.

This happens face to face, with the utmost mutual respect, with the intention to relieve the symptoms that cause health issues or psychological problems.

The energy therapy is not a medical treatment but a care that takes on the form of guidance or prevention.

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