LaHoChi, what is it???

« A natural hands-on energy method »

Lahochi is a very powerful hands-on energy technique in the caretaking field. It brings in, by its nature, a very high frequency of Light.

Some see it as a form of Reiki, in spite of the fact that the way to channel this energy and to lay on hands to transfer the energy of Light/Love differs fundamentally from Usui Reiki. We could also compare this energy with Quantum Touch, and similar as with Reiki, this also differs fundamentally.

As Reiki practitioners (level 3A) for more than 15 years and Quantum Touch practitioners for more than 5 years, we notice much higher vibrations with LaHochi.

Lahochi (pronounced as lah hoe chee) is a spiritual energy with very high vibration frequencies. It enables us to access a far better comprehension and application of the Universal Life Energy for ourselves and to help others, with respect for everyone’s freedom of choice.

Lahochi can be used separately or in combination with other caretaking systems.

Lahochi enables us to access subtle healing energies at elevated frequencies and to integrate these to open the path to a multidimensional consciousness.

Lahochi restructures and balances the subtle bodies of Being, especially when a trauma occurred in the emotional body.

On May 15. 1991 the teachings of Lahochi were channelled by a spiritual Chi master – Master LaHoChi – who existed in the Angelic Kingdom at the side of the spiritual Master « Satchamar ». Their energetic brotherhood ensured the activation of these spiritual healing energies.

LaHoChi means…

The sound  » La  »  in LaHoChi refers to the Light, the love and the wisdom originating from the elevated frequencies of Light,

The sound  » Ho  » refers to the movement of this energy,

The sound  » Chi  » is the life power, the universal life energy.

This makes Lahochi one of the highest frequencies of healing light that is transmitted nowadays and, in combination with the intentions of the spiritual world and humans, it makes it possible for the energy to move to wherever it needs to go. It can be used to heal the earth, people, animals and plants.

Everybody can learn this simple hands-on healing technique. Training and opening your own channels will increase your capability. A feature of LaHoChi is that appealing to Master LaHoChi, as well as the preliminary prayer, keeps a “protective seal” around the healer and the recipient.

This protection is resistant to intrusion of frequencies and protects the giver and the recipient against the release of negative energies during healings. As with other healing methods with vibrations, the healer as well as the recipient receive a healing treatment during a LaHoChi session.

Self-treatment is a very powerful means to enable you to receive various information at the initiation, to integrate it and accomplish a profound healing for yourself.

The Lahochi treatments can take place during sessions, direct or remote. The duration of a treatment is usually a little bit over an hour. In a LaHoChi session, the healer can use five specific basic positions to lay his hands on the body of the recipient. These cover the head, the torso, the arms, the hips and the area of legs and the heart.

By practising, he learns to become a complete channel, to trust his intuition and to be guided to send the healing energy to one or specific areas of the patient.

The advantages of Lahochi

  • Lahochi opens the 21 energy centres of the body or the anatomical system of meridians.
  • Lahochi reweaves the energy fields by repairing the holes, tears and areas damaged by a variety of influences, among others a difficult birth, an operation, radiation, drugs, accidents, past and present injuries by life, all kind of traumas, environmental toxins, negative programs and genetic predisposition,
  • Lahochi introduces vibrations of colour and sound,
  • Lahochi improves a treatment in the etheric field of the body, like for instance acupuncture,
  • Lahochi charges the vibrations of flower and mineral essences,
  • Lahochi balances the circulation of cerebral fluids in the brain and the entire cerebrospinal system,
  • Lahochi opens the blockages in the subtle energy body,
  • Lahochi opens and cleans the chakra system,
  • Lahochi realigns the structure of the body, like a multidimensional raster, to preserve the integrity of the body,
  • Lahochi unravels the electrical blockages in the energy of the body, comparable to a network of connections between the cellular memory and the physical body to help the information flow freely,
  • Lahochi enlarges the energy field,
  • Lahochi places the divine memory in the outer layer of the energy field to enable the transmission of the divine memory to the whole body,
  • Lahochi places the divine memory in the ethereal field in order to repair imbalances,
  • Lahochi activates the Light body,
  • Lahochi accelerates healing and psychic capabilities (clairvoyance, mediumship, etc..).

Lahochi does not belong, in no way whatsoever, to a congregation or a religious or sectarian movement: Administering care as well as teaching LaHoChi are open to everyone regardless of their origin and religious belief. LaHoChi gives recommendations but does not impose and it is a true school of freedom and respect. We cherish the godly desire that every person who feels called by this energy will become the committed guard of these values tomorrow.

Lahochi cannot, in any way, replace medical advice or treatment : Any advice otherwise or contrary approach has to be considered, without doubt, as a severe violation of the ethics as well as the required deontology in regard to caretaking, initiation or, less specific, in the practice of LaHoChi as a whole.

The educated practitioner commits himself to the most perfect confidentiality: the conversations shared during a session or course are all confidential. As with all professionals, the master-teacher of LaHoChi is held to the obligation of discretion.

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