LaHoChi, what is this ???

« A natural hands-on energy method » LaHoChi is a very powerful hands-on energy technique in the caretaking field.

It brings in, by its nature, a very high frequency of Light. Some see it as a form of Reiki, in spite of the fact that the way to channel this energy and to lay on hands to transfer the energy of Light/Love differs fundamentally from Usui Reiki.

On May 15. 1991 Lahochi was transmitted by a spiritual Chi master, Master LaHoChi, assisted by the Spiritual Master « Satchamar ». Their energetic brotherhood ensured the activation of these spiritual healing energies.

LaHoChi means:

The sound » La » in LaHoChi refers to the light, love and wisdom originating from the elevated frequencies of light.

The sound » Ho » refers to the movement of this energy.

The sound » Chi » is the life power, the universal life energy.

Duration of a session & frequency

The duration of a session is about 60 minutes.

We advise 2 to 3 sessions.


70€ per session VAT included


Consultations by appointment

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