Makes it possible to re-centre the energy balance to achieve a more balanced aura. The work is done on the level of 7 chakras and on the energy circulation from the various leaks in the body to the related energy points.

Advantages of harmonising energies

A boost for the energies, balancing energies, delivering lust for life, joy of life, exchanging, feeling, believing, radiating, positivism and revitalisation to the person.

Objective of harmonising energies

Maintaining the energy balance and bringing positivism to the body, eliminating toxins, prevention from seasonal influences, helpful for depressed persons, manic-depression, persons with illnesses, relaxation without the manipulation of a massage, soothing.

Duration of a session & frequency

A session takes 40 to 45 minutes.

We advise 3 sessions with an interval of one month


55 € per session VAT included

Harmonisation des énergies

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