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The workshop is taught in French by Christian Kalafate, teacher and therapist in Reiki Usui, LaHochi and Ericksonian, humane and spiritual hypnosis.

The price for the course includes, coffee breaks and the French manual « 21 days of meditations to develop oneself » by Christian Kalafate

Sunday April 09 – 10 am –>5 pm

Your investment:

Individuals: 150 € p.p V.A.T included.

Self-employed & companies: 150 € p.p  + 21% V.A.T = 181,50€ p.p V.A.T included.

Job seekers and students: 75 € p.p V.A.T included.

You are coming in duo: 270 € per duo V.A.T included. (Individuals)

Some elements of the program:

• Welcome and expectations.
• Mental discovery of the four kinds of meditation.
• The best meditative applications.
• The objectives of a meditation session.
• Relaxation exercises. (15min)
• Determining cardiac coherence. (10min)
• Samatha meditation. (30 min) Return and exchange
• Writing your own mantra
• Transcendental meditation (30 min) Return and exchange
• Qi-gong relaxation exercises. (20 min)
• Alpha waves meditation (20 min) Return and exchange
• Meditation with sounds (singing bowls). (45 min) Return and exchange
• Vipassana meditation (45 min) Return and exchange
• Breathing and relaxation exercises before meditation (20 min)
• Techniques of Yoga Pranayama and Nadi Sodhana and Kumbhaka. (20 min)
• Determining cardiac coherence. (15min)
• Meditation to clean the chakras  (45 min) Return and exchange
• Meditation Kundalini-Cristal. (45 min) Return and exchange
• French Manual: Discover the evo-Psy- approach « 21 days of meditations to develop oneself ».

Workshop in French ( Meditations and exercices, translation is available for the theoretical part)

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