Body Language and reading emotions

Soon at the Chiness Centre, in collaboration with the Centre For Personal Development, introduction workshop ” body language and reading emotions” (microexpressions) for a better communication

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

And this is already formed after 10 seconds. It is not what you say, but the way you say it, which determines your message and your radiance.

Non-verbal communication plays a decisive role in our communication. Conversational partners form an image of each other within the first seconds. This will determine whether or not it is worthwhile to continue the conversation. During the following seconds and minutes this feeling will be put to the test even more.

55% of your communication happens “physically” through facial expressions, gestures and body language and is an unconscious, natural communication.

The sound of one’s voice determines 38% of the communication. At first, people don’t listen to your words, but form their opinion on the tone and intonation with which you pronounce those words.

Only 7% of your communication is based on words. We often think a long time on how to utter our message, but the impact of those words is highly overrated.

These numbers emphasize that it is best to be aware of your non-verbal communication and a little bit of notion is absolutely useful. It is your body language and how you use your voice that supports your radiance and confidence. They make sure your message is received as convincing.

The good news is that you always can adapted and improve your non-verbal communication.

Understanding Body Language

To read body language, you have to take a few important steps into account:

  1. Calibration
  2. Observation
  3. Cluster of signals
  4. Context

The things we express through our body are more direct and honest then the things we often say with words, don’t forget that feelings cannot always be expressed in words.

By becoming aware of your body language and the use of your voice, and by controlling these in a natural way, you will notice that your words, and thus also your message, will be transferred more powerful. A skill that will be useful on a private as well as a professional level.

“Our non-verbal communication determines how other people think and feel about us.”

Amy Cuddy

Discover 7 essential secrets of body language to communicate even better

A few elements of the program:

  • Useful tips to improve your personal body language during work interviews and negotiations.
  • Introduction to the practical analysis to recognize the 7 basic emotions (micro-expressions) in someone’s face
  • Useful tips to improve your personal body language during conversations and an introduction to reading body language in other people.
  • To master the art to read the emotions of each person, without he/she talking about them
  • Reading and interpreting the body language signals (+- 30 )
  • Tips and tricks
  • Interactive session
  • Do’s and Don’ts at work interviews, important meetings, difficult situations…..

In this workshop the participants will gain insight in themselves and others. The theory will directly be tested in practice, which leads to insight and to fun moments too. It is a workshop of doing and discovering ‘Body Language and non-verbal communication’.

TV-oost Interview – 2011 – Flemish television

Next workshop

Saturday March 11 th from 10 Am to 5 Pm

(1 day)

Individuals: 185 €

Self-employed & companies: 185 € + 21% V.A.T = 223,85 €

Information and enrollment via our contact form, Phone +32 475 64 85 12 or directly by e-mail  to

Discovery workshop Body Language

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